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Scientific activity




Computational Mathematics Department (hereinafter CM Department) was founded in December, 1957 at the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Kyiv Taras Shevchenko State University. The initial department body was formed by young teachers of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics (V.I. Didenko, O.O. Kapshivy, A.A. Skorobogatko, P.Y. Chalenko) and scientists of the Institute of Cybernetics and the Institute of Mathematics (V.M. Glushkov, V.S. Korolyuk, V.E. Shamansky, K.L. Yushchenko). The department was headed by PhD., Assoc. Prof. P.S. Bondarenko, and in a few months the head of the department became Dr. Sc., Prof. Georgiy Mylolaiovych Polozhiy

Georgiy Mykolaiovych Polozhiy

The stimulus for the department establishment was a great need in developing special methods of computing focused on electronic computers, in particular, on approximate methods for solving problems of mathematical physics. In 1969, CM Department became one of the main departments of the Faculty of Cybernetics, created by the efforts of Prof. I.I. Lyashko and Academician V.M. Glushkov.

Ivan Ivanovych Lyashko

Ivan Ivanovych Lyashko became the dean of the new faculty and head of CM Department. The directions of scientific research were expanded by the development of approximate methods for solving the problems of filtration theory, and later more general problems of underground mass transfer. Headed by I.I. Lyashko, one of the most powerful scientific schools in the mathematical theory of filtration was established at the department aimed at practical implementation of the already obtained results.

Scientific achievements of the department, obtained during the years when it was headed by I.I. Lyashko, were revealed in 15 monographs, more than 200 research articles and brochures, 6 copyright certificates. Among them, the five-volume “Mathematical Support of Complex Experiment” (authors Yu.A. Belov, V.P. Didenko, M.M. Kozlov, V.L. Makarov, I.I. Lyashko, O.E. Tsitritsky); “Issues on Automation of Filtration Problems Solution on Computer” (authors I.I. Lyashko, I.V. Sergienko, G.Yu. Mystetsky, V.V. Skopetsky). The department’s scientific achievements were honoured by the State Prize of Ukraine (I.I. Lyashko, I.M. Velykoivanenko, 1981), the Prize of Academy of Sciences of the USSR n. a. M.M. Krylov (I.I. Lyashko, 1975) and other awards.

In the 1980s, the number of scientific research directions carried out at CM Department increased significantly. One of them was closely linked to the Development of Physics, which was traditionally the leader in scientific discoveries, especially in the energy and military fields. Consequently, a new powerful team was in need to be created aimed at both scientific research and young specialists’ preparation. This question was studied at the state level. Therefore, in 1981, the Department of Numerical Methods of Mathematical Physics (NMMP Department) was founded on the basis of CM Department, and Dr. Sc. (in Physical and Mathematical Sciences), Prof. Volodymyr Leonidovych Makarov was appointed the head of the department. At the same time, the corresponding order approved the first arrangement of a newly-formed department due to redistribution of employees from other departments, including 4 Assoc. Prof. Yu.A. Belov, O.O. Klunnik, N.P. Kopystyra, M.M. Moskalkov and engineer A.V. Kuzmin.

Volodymyr Leonidovych Makarov

From the very first years, the NMMP Department established scientific contacts with leading scientific centres of the former USSR, and a number of European universities. The growth of the capacity of the NMMP Department can be illustrated by rapid increase in its staff number – in the early 1990’s it reached 22 employees. The teachers of the department taught four normative courses on Numerical Methods and Equations of Mathematical Physics. The curricula of the basic courses referred to the current state and prospects of science and technology development.

Since the department foundation, household budget projects were carried out in the laboratory of the methodology and practice of the computational experiment supervised by PhD Valentyna L. Burkivska (1981–2002) and PhD Iryna N. Vergunova (2002–2006). Scientific supervisors of the laboratory were V.L. Makarov, and since 1998 S.O. Voitsekhovsky. Together the department and the laboratory staff received 7 certificates of authorship.

Sergiy Olexandrovych Voitsekhovsky

In 1999, the department was renamed into the Department of Computing Experiment Methods, headed by Sergiy Olexandrovych Voitsekhovsky. At that time, the department staff encompassed M.P. Copystyra, V.L. Burkivska, O.F. Kashpur, A.V. Kuzmin, L.O. Fedorchenko, A.I. Ryzhenko, V.V. Khlobystov, M.M. Moskalkov, V.I. Garkusha, V.M. Luzhnykh, M.Z. Prokhur, D.I. Chernyi, who is the author of the Faculty of Cybernetics’ emblem.

Within a 25-year period of the department work, 10 doctoral and 47 PhD theses were defended, more than 300 specialists graduated, a considerable number of articles and 7 scientific monographs were published, 17 reference handbooks for practical and laboratory classes were published.

The main scientific direction of the department is the use of computational experiment for studying complex scientific and technical problems.

In 1984, department staff members S.O. Voytsekhovsky, A.V. Kuzmin, V.B. Shulzhenko were awarded a medal of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR and a prize for young scientists for a series of papers “Computational Experiment in Solving Mathematical Physics Problems and Studying Complex Radio Engineering Systems”; in 1996, O.F. Kashpur was awarded the Diploma of NAS of Ukraine for her paper “Polynomial Interpolation of Operators in the Hilbert Space”; in 1999, I.M. Vergunova was awarded the Diploma of NAS of Ukraine and the Certificate of the Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine for her personal significant contribution into scientific subject development and fruitful cooperation with the scientific institutions of Hungary.

Due to the general reduction of contacts between science, industry, and military organizations, as well as the difficult financial situation of the institutes of NAS of Ukraine, the capacity to train corresponding specialists narrowed considerably. Therefore, in 2006 the department stopped functioning, and its employees became a part of CM Department.

In the 1970s, on the initiative of Academicians B.Y. Paton, M.U. Biliy, V.S. Mikhalevych, I.V. Sergienko and V.V. Skopenko at CM Department, a branch of the Institute of Cybernetics was created aimed at strengthening the relationship between classical education and modern science. The scientific achievements received by the leading scientists of the institute, immediately became the subject of basic courses and were included in the curriculum. At various time periods, Academicians I.V. Sergienko, V.V. Skopetsky, Y.M. Grygorenko, V.K. Zadiraka, A.O. Chykriy, V.S. Deineka, Prof. Y.M. Danilin, A.V. Gladky, V.M. Bulavatsky and others were staff members. Their basic courses covered a wide range of topical issues, such as parallel computing, computing on supercomputers, machine learning, modelling of hydrodynamic processes, cryptography, and many others. Such a fruitful collaboration has been kept up to now, which gives students and teachers an opportunity to engage in up-to-date scientific research and take direct part in scientific work of the Institute of Cybernetics.

Yuriy Ivanovich Petunin

In the 1970s, several prominent scholars were invited to the department. In particular, an honoured expert on functional analysis, mathematical statistics and pattern recognition Prof. Yuriy Ivanovich Petunin was invited from Voronezh University. He was one of the co-authors of the classical monograph “Interpolation of Linear Operators” (authors – S.G. Krein, Yu.I. Petunin, E.M. Semenov), which was translated into more than 40 languages. Prof. Yu.I. Petunin started supervision over profound research in the field of biological and medical cybernetics, the theory of random processes and mathematical statistics in cooperation with the staff of the Institute of Experimental Pathology, Oncology and Radiology of NAS of Ukraine n. a. R.E. Kavetsky. Particularly, a method of computer cytological diagnostics allowing painlessly and with high accuracy to diagnose the presence of malignant and benign pathologies of the thyroid and mammary glands, was developed.

Viktor Pavlovych Didenko

At the same time Prof. Viktor Pavlovych Didenko was invited to join the department staff. His papers became the base for further successful development of differential equations, optimal control and the theory of filtration fields. The results obtained by Prof. V.P. Didenko and his students, allowed to solve a number of important scientific problems and were awarded the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology (1981). In 1983, a research laboratory was set up at the department, which executed many orders from different state ministries: Defence, Land Reclamation and Water Management, Ferrous Metallurgy, Science and Technology Ministry. At present, the main directions of scientific research of the laboratory are developing and improving mathematical models, developing methods for solving problems, creating software and using it for solving actual problems that form the basis of the computing experiment method aimed at studying complex processes.

Sergiy Ivanovych Lyashko, CM Department Head, Correspondent Member of NAS of Ukraine

The department constantly involved numerous members of the Institute of Cybernetics n. a. V.M. Glushkov and the Institute of Mechanics of NAS of Ukraine n. a. S.P. Tymoshenko. In 1991, the head of CM Department became Corresponding Member of NAS of Ukraine, Dr. Sc. (in Physics and Mathematics), Prof. Sergiy Ivanovych Lyashko. The scientific research directions of the past years were not only preserved, but also came to a new qualitative level. The results in the field of theory and methods for solving problems of linear systems optimization, arisen in many modern issues of modelling and machine learning, were obtained. The subject of scientific research is being currently introduced into the educational process through basic and special courses, as well as scientific workshops. The students are actively involved in scientific work. CM Department staff works fruitfully in the field of science, resulted in a large number of scientific monographs, articles and textbooks.

In his papers, Academician Ivan V. Sergienko founded and studied models and methods of mathematical optimization, in particular, discrete one; developed the theory of programming and created related computer intellectual technologies for solving issues of transcomputer complexity problems; obtained theoretical results, which are the basis of information technologies in establishing and realizing the distance learning academic program in Ukraine. Also, his works resulted in analysing, controlling, forecasting and managing the fields of different physical nature and processes in complex engineering objects and environments on supercomputers and computer networks.

Among the papers of Academician Valeriy K. Zadiraka, the elements of the optimization theory based on the complexity of approximate solution algorithms were developed. His scientific papers made the basis of such special courses as Fourier Transformation Theory, Methods of Digital Signal Processing and Computer Cryptology. There were suggested the tasks of computational and applied mathematics, rapid algorithms for solving digital signal processing problems, as well as for calculating cryptoprimitives; and a few ways of constructing quasi-resilient algorithms for concealment information were also proposed.

The scientific papers of the Corresponding Member of NAS of Ukraine Oleksandr M. Khimich, for the first time revealed a new effective balanced layered-cyclic scheme of decomposition and data processing on computers with parallel MIMD architecture, which significantly improved the efficiency of parallel algorithms for basic problems of computational mathematics. His papers became the basis of the special courses Research of Mathematical Models with Approximate Data and Methods of Parallel Computing.

The special courses of Academician of NAS of Ukraine Arkadiy O. Chikrii, Fundamentals of the Theory of Differential Games, Conflict-Controlled Processes, Applied Nonlinear Analysis and Avoidance of Clashes, Methods of Searching for Moving Objects, based on his scientific papers, have already become classical. They organically combine the fundamental methods of L.S. Pontryagin’s and M.M. Krasovskiy’s scientific schools and improve them with the author’s original approach. They are devoted to methods of managing moving objects in a conflict and uncertainties with application in the aviation and space industries.

The theory and optimization algorithms are an important part of modern specialist’s knowledge in computer science and applied mathematics. The monograph “Special Issues of Optimization” by S.I. Lyashko, V.V. Semenov, D.A. Kliushyn systematically outlines the basis of optimization approach in machine learning and provides a sketch of the theory of variational inequalities. University literature is overwhelmed with handbooks and textbooks that reveal the basic issues of optimization. Unfortunately, few books have been just written on such important issues of optimization as the extreme problems of pattern recognition and iterative algorithms for the solution of variational inequalities. All of this encouraged the scholars to explain the basics of the optimization approach in image recognition and introduction to the theory of variational inequalities.

The major achievements of S.I. Lyashko’s scientific school and his colleagues and students (O.Y. Gryshchenko, O.B. Stelya, D.A. Kliushyn, Y.Z. Prokhur, S.O. Voytsekhovsky, V.I. Kudin, S.S. Zub, V.G. Prykazchikov) were recognized both in our country and abroad and were revealed in fundamental handbooks. These papers show a new theory of generalized solutions of operator equations and extreme elements, developed by the scholars. In particular, they describe the elementary schemes of a generalized solution of a linear operator, priori estimations for a linear continuous operator, the theory of generalized solvability of linear equations application, the calculation of approximate solutions of operator equations, the scheme of generalized solutions of linear and nonlinear operator equations, as well as generalized extreme elements.

High creative potential of the department is due to a number of grants won by the teaching staff. Under the guidance of Prof. S.I. Lyashko some researches were conducted according to grants NATO982209, an individual grant of the International Science Foundation (ISF 1998), a grant from the Canadian International Development Research Centre (IDRC 1999). In 2005, 2007 and 2009, Prof. D.A. Nomirovsky received grants from the President of Ukraine to support the research of young scientists. In 2005, 2007, 2012 and 2013, Prof. V.V. Semenov received the same grants from the President of Ukraine, and in 2017 and 2018 – grants of the President of Ukraine for Doctors of Sciences, and in 2018 – the NVIDIA GPU Grant.

CM Department publishes Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics. The International Scientific Conference n. a. Academician Ivan I. Lyashko Computational and Applied Mathematics is held regularly. There are a scientific workshop Optimal Control of Systems with Distributed Parameters and an annual mini-symposium Petunin Readings devoted to the memory of Prof. Yuriy I. Petunin.

The Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics is very popular among entrants. Every year the enrolment requirements are becoming more and more competitive, and the number of budget places is constantly increasing. At the same time, the applications for admission are presented by the best young mathematicians from all regions of Ukraine. The department teachers’ enthusiasm to hold and organize various competitions and tournaments plays a huge role. It is possible to list only the main achievements of the department in this direction.

Within a 10-year period the chairman of the jury of the Kyiv City Olympiad on Mathematics is Bogdan V. Rublev, permanent members of the jury are D.A. Nomirovsky, O.I. Molodtsov, and A.V. Anikushin. The Olympiad is attended by nearly 1300 students from 6–11 Grades of Kyiv schools. Many students of the department are the winners of this Olympiad, as well as regular members of the jury. Since 2007 All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Mathematics has also been headed by B.V. Rublev and permanent members of the jury are D.A. Nomirovsky and A.V. Anikushyn.

Since 2009, the leader of the Ukrainian team at the International Mathematical Olympiads has been Bogdan Rublev, who is assisted by Andriy Anikushin and V. Lishunov, a 2012 department graduate student. In summer of 2018, the team of 6 young mathematicians from Ukraine won the 4th place among more than 100 teams from other countries, having received 4 gold and 2 silver awards.

The teachers of the department together with the leading teachers of Kyiv organized the Kyiv tournament of mathematical battles named after Lesya Rubleva, which was already held the 15th time this year. Usually 50–70 teams from the leading mathematical educational institutions of the city take part in it.

This academic year the All-Ukrainian tournament of mathematical fights named after Academician Ivan I. Lyashko was held by the department staff the 12th time already. About 150–180 children from all over the country come to these competitions from all regions of Ukraine. Similarly, the teachers of the department started the mathematical city Olympiads for senior schoolchildren under the auspices of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, mathematical Olympiads for students of 4–6 Grades, which gather 600–700 students each year.

Last year for the first time, under the auspices of Kyiv University and with support of the Rector, Academician L.V. Gubersky, the All-Ukrainian Olympiad for students of 5–7 Grades was held, which united representatives from all regions of Ukraine.

On the basis of Institute of Continuing Education,Kyiv University annually holds a meeting of the Ukrainian team aimed at preparing for competing in prestigious mathematical contests. During these years, Ukraine began to participate in the prestigious Romanian tournament, as well as in the European Women’s Olympiad. Ukrainian girls won 4 out of 8 Olympiads. This year, for the first time in the history of Ukraine, the 8th European Olympiads among girls took place in the city of Kyiv. The department teachers’ duty was to ensure the selection of corresponding tasks. In the 6–member commission, 2 members represented the Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics (student Arseniy Nikolaiev and graduate Vitaliy Lishunov). The chairman of the jury was Assoc. Prof. of the department A.V. Anikushin. Huge volunteer work was conducted daily by 20–40 faculty students.

These years, books about mathematical Olympiad competitions in Ukraine were published annually in Ukrainian and English. 10 Ukrainian-language and 10 English-language books have been already published, the authors of which are also lecturers of CM Department.

Since 1990 Bogdan Rublev has organized football tournaments of the Faculty of Cybernetics. This spring the 56th football tournament took place and the book aimed at revealing the brightest moments in tournaments history was published and devoted to the first already held 50 tournaments. For the students from Kyiv and other regions of Ukraine on the basis of the Ukrainian Physics and Mathematics Lyceum of Kyiv University,KNU held 4 summer schools and gathered future entrants and today’s university students. The last summer school involved about 250 students.

The achievements of the department staff are awarded with many prizes and honours. In 2001 Prof. S.I. Lyashko received the Prize of NAS of Ukraine n. a. V.M. Glushkov, in 2009 – the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology for a series of scientific papers “Development of New Mathematical Models, Methods and Information Technologies for Solving Optimization, Processing and Information Protection Tasks”. In 2013 together with Prof. O.Y. Gryshchenko he was awarded Taras Shevchenko Prize for the handbook “Theory of Functions of a Complex Variable”, in 2016 he received the title “Honoured Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine”, and was awarded the Certificate of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine “For Merits Before the Ukrainian People”. In 2000, Prof. D.A. Nomirovsky received Taras Shevchenko Prize of Kyiv National University, in 2001 – NAS Prize for Young Scientists, in 2007 he was awarded the Order “For Merits” of the 3d degree, and in 2009 he received the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology. In 2000, Prof. V.V. Semenov received Taras Shevchenko Prize for the best scientific paper, in 2001 he was awarded NAS Prize for Young Scientists for a series of papers “Singular Optimization of Linear Distributed Systems”.

In 2018, Prof. S.I. Lyashko, Prof. D.A. Klyushyn, Prof. V.V. Semenov, senior researcher S.S. Zub became the laureates of the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of education. At the same time Prof. B.V. Rublev was awarded the title “Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine”, Prof. S.I. Lyashko received the Certificate of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Assoc. Prof. A.V. Anikushyn received the Certificate of the Presidium of NAS of Ukraine for young scientists and students for the best scientific work done.

The department consists of professionals acting as experts in the procedure of scientific staff verification. Prof. S.I. Lyashko is the head of the Expert Council in Cybernetics, Informatics and Instrument Technology of State Verification Committee of Ukraine, Prof. D.A. Klyushyn is the secretary of this council, as well as an expert of Scientific Council of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (Section 2, “Informatics and Cybernetics”). Prof. V.V. Semenov is a member of the Expert Council of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on examination of scientific projects performed by young researchers (Section 11). Assoc. Prof. D.I. Cherniy is the member of the National Centre of Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine aimed at searching, developing and supporting talented young students at the state level. The departmentmembers are among numerous scientific councils on theses defence in Ukraine.

CM Department provides an active scientific and technical cooperation with foreign organizations. Particularly, for Aktobe NIGRI (Republic of Kazakhstan) the department developed a comprehensive science-based educational tool on modelling environmental pollution. In collaboration with the Laboratory of Informatics n. a. Gaspard Monge of Paris Est Marne-la-Vallee University (Champs-sur-Marne, France) CM Department conducted research and published its results in a number of scientific journals. In 2018, CM Department and the Ring Ukraine Company (a division of Amazon) made a cooperation agreement due to which Konstantyn Tokar, Master’s program student, was awarded personal scholarship for successful scientific research and excellent studying.

The department alumni are employed in many world’s leading companies, such as Google, Facebook, Intel, Microsoft, Amazon, Samsung, etc. Many Bachelor program graduates successfully continue their studies at Master’s programs of foreign universities in the UK, Germany and other European countries.

Both rich history and today’s life of CM Department prove its high creative potential, which is the key of future success and much pride.